Pip Support

Do you have problems with Pip? It didn’t roll the numbers you bet all your savings on? Or did it crash when it was clearly showing 20 on the d20, just to show a 1 on restart, and you wasted an hour yelling at your unforgiving DM? Is there some feature that would make it soooo much better if we just implemented it in the next version? Some game you cannot play because we are missing specific dice? Some annoyance in how things work now?

We want to know about it!

There are three different ways to tell us:

  • Review the application on Apple’s App Store, through iTunes or through your device, and leave a comment. Every day we read the comments left online on each one of the 62 countries with an App Store (with a little help from Google Translate).
  • Send us an email. Don’t be shy. Be bold and wordy, like in your last game of Diplomacy or the Dying Earth! We like all the dirty details.
  • Did you read an article in our blog about your issue? Leave a comment.