Privacy Policy

Mystery Coconut develops Pip independently, and publishes it through the Apple Inc. App Store®. In this policy, “Mystery Coconut”, “we”, and “us” refers to Mystery Coconut, LLC, a US company from the state of Washington. “Pip” refers to all versions of our dice roller app Pip.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Personal Information

Pip doesn’t collect personal information of any type.

Device Data

Pip uses the accelerometer in your device. This provides the app exclusively with velocity information, but no location information, GPS, or any other type of positioning information. The velocity readings from your device are used internally by Pip to roll and slide the dice on the screen, but the data is not recorded, is not sent to us, and it is discarded immediately after being used.

Pip doesn’t connect to the internet or to any third party services. No information is ever sent to us or any third party while you are using Pip, or even when Pip is in the background of your device.

Information Apple Shares With Us

If you have agreed with Apple Inc. to send analytics, diagnostic, and usage information to App Developers, we may receive aggregate crash logs or energy data. Such logs contain information of how Pip crashed on your device or if it used more energy than expected, what kind of hardware your device is, and what operating system version is running. Apple removes all personal user data from these logs, and groups all similar errors together into one report before handing them to us, so it is not possible to identify you or your device specifically through them. We use any reports received exclusively to improve Pip.

Other information you may be sharing with Apple includes how many times you interact with Pip or Pip’s page on the App Store, and in what country you bought it. This information is also aggregated, and in no way personalized; we use this information to decide how to best market Pip.

Follow the instructions provided by Apple to opt-out of sharing any of these reports.