Who is the Mystery Coconut?

Beer in WA is pretty damn good!Mystery Coconut Games used to be the dream of a guy that thought making games for a living was one of those things that is always beyond reach. As it turns out, it was exactly like that: not going to happen if you don’t really try.

The guy’s name is Miguel Ángel Friginal, and the company’s improvised headquarters are located at his apartment in Seattle, Washington. He worked for years as a graphic designer, then as a web developer, but one day he decided to take the plunge and work exclusively on making games for your iThing.

His first game, Casey’s Contraptions, was a collaboration with indie game dev extraordinaire Noel Llopis. Surprisingly it became one of those freakish successes acclaimed by many and bought by not so many. Kids all around the world kept amazing their parents with their ingenuity and their bizarre in-game creations. This caused waves of emails full of both pride at the mental development of their offspring, and hatred at being beaten by 4 year-olds at simple cause/effect puzzles.

In any case Finnish company Rovio, famous for their games about upset avians, took notice and decided to buy and revamp Casey, that now with a new name lives on happily as Amazing Alex.

What can you expect from Mystery Coconut?

  1. Polished applications. Miguel obsesses about all the little details that make up a good application. Yes, he is one of those Mac programmer guys.
  2. Games. He has been breathing the stuff games are made of for so many years, the world is starting to look like Largo’s Version to him. It’s all his brother’s fault, really.
  3. Opinions. Normally strongly or strangely worded. Don’t take it personally, he is not from around here.