Last blog post got quite a few comments, all related to the future of iDevBlogADay and the quality, or lack thereof, of my taste for telefilms. Since I was way more interested in hearing about this second subject, serve this as the last you will ever heard of iDevBlogADay in this blog.

Have I then decided to finally get rid of iDev? Not at all. I am excited to announce a new phase for it has started that will hopefully boldly bring iDevBlogADay where no BlogADay has gone before… well, except for AltDevBlogADay, whose awesomeness we are going to shameless copy as much as necessary.

To that effect, I have created an iDevAuthors Google Group where we are currently discussing the upcoming changes. You should join if you want to write for iDevBlogADay in the future (and yes, that includes current iDev authors and people in the waiting list; if you don’t join the group, you will be skipped when we roll out the changes).

Some of the proposed changes are:

  • No waiting list. We divide everybody in the normal 2 weeks, so we will have as many posts per day as necessary instead of just two.
  • Since there is no waiting list, we will not kick out anybody, even if they forget to post in their day. We will still remove anybody that continuously skips his turn though.
  • More information about each author.
  • Archive of past posts, and search.

If you have additional ideas you want to see, and want to help making it happen, join the Google Group. Cheers!

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