I have this thing about email… I love to get email from people telling me about their projects, asking questions, or just saying hi. What I don’t love so much is answering it :) I know, that’s rude. Is not about you though, is all because it usually takes me an hour to write even a simple paragraph. I am trying to get better about this, so you can try your luck. Just don’t be surprised if it takes me a month or two to answer.

miguel [at this domain]

If what you are writing me about is so I help you with your project, you are in luck. From time to time I do freelance work, both as a coder or, if you like my doodles, as an ‘artist’ (never were quotes more necessary than right there).

But let me be clear; this project of yours better excite the heck out of you if you want me to work on it. If you have realistic goals, are an independent developer or a small team, and you think your project is out of this world, then maybe I am interested. Yes, I want to get paid, but if you are working on this only because of how much money you think you will make, take a look at Mr. Angry Octopus here.