Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! Oh, God, I thought you were going to step on mee! Well, don’t look at mee like that! You have never seen a mouse, or what? I am just… resting here, OK? I will bee on my waee when my back legs climb this damn bump. Who had the ideea of putting this stupid plastic trim in the middle of the entrywaee anywaee?

Ah yes, you want to know about the #iDevBlogADay thingy. Oh, I can tell you! I saw it all from the very beginning. I was sitting on the blueberry muffins… have you tried them? Oh, yes, they are good. Just don’t… don’t eat the ones with… eh… chocolate chips, OK? Just saying. Anyway, this guy was hanging around with one of those new iPhones in hand. Tweeting like crazy, not paying any attention to his wife that had just order a blueberry muffin with chocolate chips for him. He he. He he he hehee. He he was talking with somebody about how great his new blog post was. Full of himself if you ask mee. The other guy is like…

@mysterycoconut Great post... highly entertaining. You should do them more often.

Just imagine his gloat! The jerk…


Zipping along, zipping along! I am trying to sleep here for God’s sake! All day long zipping along! And they had a red car too! Do you know people think red cars run faster? Well, is not true. But the drivers sure think they can! Agghh! Saw that one?! That guy didn’t even saw me!

But yes, of course I saw when it happened. Not like I could sleep, could I??? I knew there was going to be trouble the moment the other guy showed up. He is always trouble if you ask me. He is all soft worded and sneaky and then… Badaboom!

@mysterycoconut @chrismwaite You know, that's not a bad idea. If we get @georgesealy and a couple more, we can have one post every day! :-)

Saw that? See how fast he invites himself and the Kiwi to the party? I bet he drives a red car.


Is the White Queen looking in this direction? Oomph, have you seen that knife she has? I bet she is thinking of skinning me on the next game. Oomph! :(

That guy looked crazy, OK? Almost as crazy as the White Queen. But at least he didn’t had a knife. Not one that I saw at least. What he had was one of those annoying iPhone cameras. Snap, snap all over the vitrine, with flash and everything. Do they make iPhones with flash now? I though that guy Seal Jobs was against flash, no? Oh well, the world is crazy, I tell you.

So yes, it was getting big by the minute. Lots of people were joining, don’t ask me why. Is crazy.

@mysterycoconut @SnappyTouch Have I been signed up to do blog posts while I was scraping paint off my storm windows? I can sure try! :)

@mysterycoconut @snappytouch What happened? I step away for a minute and now I have to write a blog post every week?

They didn’t even have a name or a hash tag! Look!

@OwenGoss @mysterycoconut @frederictessier @GavinBowman @Bob_at_BH @SnappyTouch Should we have a name for our blogging support group?

I mean, how can you be tweeting all day about something and not even have a hash tag? Crazy I tell you. They didn’t have a clue:

@mysterycoconut DailyDevBlog? Incredible iPhone Indies? Week Of Awesomness? iDevBlogs?

It was my idea. I… oomph, I know about Tweeter. I have been doing it for years and years now. I have the perfect covert too. I can tweet crap about the White Queen all day long, and she will never figure out if it was me or one of the other seven. Not that I have ever done that :( But in this case, it was totally me. I invented #iDevBlogADay.

And he didn’t even thank me :( Oomph!


Chacho! Can you tell him to stop doing that? Crap! Have been here trying to get to it for an hour and the damn gorrino just keeps moving it away! Stop it! You are not going to help, are you? Fuck it. That other guy didn’t help me either.

He was freaking out. Everybody wanted a piece of the cake by then. It was like a daycare. “My ideeea”, “I was here fiiirst”. The cunts. Look how they fight!

@SnappyTouch @mysterycoconut If you want to get technical, I started it yesterday. :)
@SnappyTouch That's a great idea! Wait, let me look on Address Book for someone that doesn't have to go to work tomorrow… ABCD… N! Noel! :)
@mysterycoconut I just want some exposure :)

He was losing it. Then he decided enough was enough, and things got nasty.

@GavinBowman look, is going to get nasty if you guys do that. Wednesdays are the only days people can skip.It was in the rules #idevblogaday

He made a fucking waiting list and was ready to give the boot to a couple people.

@mysterycoconut So if we miss a post, we get the boot?? No pressure!

Somehow he got some support too:

@mysterycoconut Sounds good. After all, the point is to motivate us to write. Getting kicked out isn't the end of the world #idevblogaday

And when I saw that I told him, “Chacho, to do all those dirty jobs you need thugs. And a cigar”.

@frederictessier Yes, back to work. Otherwise @mysterycoconut's won't be the only wrath you'll have to face :-b

So yeah, bad business all together. I would not trust any of the crooks to help a poor bab… fuck! Almost got it! Stop moving the fucking cigar, you idiot!


Meow! #iDevBlogADay is a group of indie developers that want to blog more regularly. Each day of the week is assigned to 2 people. Each person writes in his own blog about whatever he wants, including silly stories that have nothing to do with real game development. Then they tweet about it with the #iDevBlogADay hash tag. If a person doesn’t blog during his assigned day, his spot is given to a different developer. You can read all the participating blogs through the group’s RSS feed. If you are an indie developer and you want to participate, ask @mysterycoconut to be included in the waiting list.


4 Responses

  1. hi. i asked you on twitter about how i could participate in the future, but you never responded.

    bunnyhero; June 30, 2010, 9:44 AM

    • So sorry! I didn’t saw your request! As you can see above, Twitter is kind of confusing :) I will add you to the waiting list right away!

      Miguel Ángel; June 30, 2010, 11:02 AM

  2. Awesome – you’ve lightened up a day of debugging USB drivers in embedded-C :) Keep them coming, once a week perhaps?

    George Sealy; June 30, 2010, 3:21 PM

  3. madness!! Oh mother what have I got myself into…

    ron; July 3, 2010, 6:02 PM

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