Casey's Contraptions

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Help Casey get his toys back by building crazy contraptions. Create Rube Goldberg-like machines with toys and everyday items to solve puzzles and playtime scenarios.

Make your own contraptions with the toys you get back, and challenge your friends to solve them. You can use slingshots, RC trucks, darts, ropes, magnets, balloons, trapdoors, punching gloves, and more.

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iPod Touch

Pip is the most realistic dice simulation on iOS to date. Do you want to play Yahtzee, Monopoly, or D&D with your friends, and forgot your dice? Now you can have all the dice you need on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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From the Resident Alien Blog:

Just the other day I got out of bed and, instead of making coffee and walking the dog, I got my phone, checked my email, and discovered my site had been hacked. You would think that, given the number of times I have messed with the morning’s natural order with horrible consequences, I would know better than doing anything before coffee, but then again my statistics professor instilled in me a firm disbelieve in the correlation/causation combo. The morning was therefore spent in a cranky, non-caffeinated mood, dealing with security issues, updates to my website, and a bunch of whining from both me and the dog. Continue reading The Art Style of Lasting Legacy