Casey’s Contraptions

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Help Casey get his toys back by building crazy contraptions. Create Rube Goldberg-like machines with toys and everyday items to solve puzzles and playtime scenarios.

Make your own contraptions with the toys you get back, and challenge your friends to solve them. You can use slingshots, RC trucks, darts, ropes, magnets, balloons, trapdoors, punching gloves, and more.

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iPod Touch

Pip is the most realistic dice simulation on iOS to date. Do you want to play Yahtzee, Monopoly, or D&D with your friends, and forgot your dice? Now you can have all the dice you need on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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From the Resident Alien Blog:

It has been quite a while since I wrote the last article in the Core Animation Games series. If you remember, in it I complained bitterly about the CA scrolling classes, and how none of them filled the ticket. To recapitulate, these are the 3 things I needed:

  1. A window into a coordinate system plane populated by “objects”…
  2. that smoothly moves through it by remapping how its borders map to that underlying plane…
  3. and loads the objects to be displayed as they are needed, while keeping memory requirements in check.

So let’s explain how to do that with Core Animation, and as a bonus we will do parallax scrolling, talk about some graphic optimizations, and show you flying cupcakes.

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